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ORMÆVINÆ Pontassieve is the trademark of Sant'Anasatasio Societa Agricola, producer of premium Cru (sinle vineyard) and Supertuscan wines as well as Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

The name ORMÆVINÆ comes from the words 'ORMa' (footsteps), 'ORMai' (by this time) or 'ORMoni' (hormons) + VINo. 

'ORMa' represents our belief is that production of great wine and olive oil in such a historic area as Tuscany (and Rufina - in particular) is impossible without studying and adhering to the legacy of Tuscan agricultural production. You literally walk on the footsteps of the generations that lived on and cultivated that blessed land for over 3000 years: from Etruscans through Romans and Reneissance to nowadays.


'ORMai' represents our belief that, yet walking on someones footsteps, by this time we also have modern knowledge both in the area of production as well as marketing that should be applied to our new international project.


'ORMoni' represents our belief that good wine and Extra Virgin Olive Oil definitely stimulate good hormons activity in a human body that brings humans happiness, joy and satisfaction.

And finally... The Latin letter 'Æ' represents the first letters of the names of the owners - Alexey and Ella - a husband and wife for over 25 years!

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