The ORMÆVINÆ project started after the historic farm in Chianti Rufina 'Il Monte' was acquired by international investors - the family that is passionately in love with Italy, Tuscany and Florence.  The purchased estate consisted of 1.2ha vineyard and that was rented out by the previous owners and the old olive grove of 2,300 olive trees, many of which were not properly pruned and treated for a decade.

The new investors stated a project of rehabilitation of old vineyard 'Il Monte' (25 years old) and old olive grove (the age of trees - from 20 to over 100 years).  This project is still underway and is conducted on the principles of biologic farming and single vineyard ('cru') wine production. We respect the identity of Chianti Rufina geographical area and its traditions. We are committed to quality of our products and biologic farming.  Our farm and our products are BIO certified.  Since 2019 we became members of Consorzio Chianti Rufina 


The old vineyard 'Il Monte' (named after the name of the estate) was planted in 1995 with circa 3000 Sangiovese and 3000 Cabernet Sauvignon vines.  Before ORMÆVINÆ first harvest in 2017 the vines were re-trained to guyot training system, as focus was changed from quantity of grapes to their quality and, thus, the quality of wine.  The first wine from this vineyard - PRIMÆ 2017 IGT Toscana - will be issued to our customers in August 2020. It will be followed by the Chianti Rufina Riserva and Cabernet based wines (from vendemmia 2018), as well as 100% Sangiovese wine (from vendemmia 2019).​  

In 2020 new 'Quinquaginta' was planted on the historic spot where the old vineyard was extinguished a decade ago.  Named to commemorate the 50th birthdays of the owners.  We planted 5000 Sangiovese, 2500 Cabernet Sauvignon and 800 Trebbiano plants.  First harvest is expected in Autumn 2023.

Even though these two vineyards are located in the same estate, we believe they will produce distinctly different wines due to: different elevation, exposition and soil. Our philosophy is that the wines are mainly created in the vineyards, therefore we are focused to create  'Wines of the vines' ('Vini di viti').  We work with the two main types of grapes: the 'number one' grape of Italy - Sangiovese, and the 'number one' grape of the world - Cabernet Sauvignon.  Trebbiano is planted as an 'experiment' grape that could be used as an addition to the red grapes.  All our red wines will be produced in very small quantities and mainly available to our customers for direct purchase from our farm.  

Our first Rosé wine - GIOÈLLÆ Rosato IGT Toscana - starts a collection of our Rosé wines for which Italy has a much better potential internationally than the market currently believes.

We are also committed to creation of Orange wine 'Vino Ambrato' - skin contact wine made with white grapes.  

The legacy of our farm, the quality of our land and the expertise of our team resulted in production of ELLEIVÆ Biologico Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO).  This EVOO was first produced in 2017.  ELLEIVÆ won Gold medals in major Olive Oil competitions: in New York (2018) and London (2019); as well since 2020 is has been included into the Top 500 in the World by Flos Olei International Guide for Olive Oils.  We produce ELLEIVÆ only from the olives manually harvested in our olive grove in Pontassieve area.  The growth in quantity of EVOO production will only be obtained through rehabilitation and bringing back in production of the old olive trees that currently do not produce due to the lack of pruning and treatment in the past years.  In 2018 we also planted 800 olive trees in Volterra area.  EVOO that will be produced from these olive trees will not be mixed with the oil produced in Pontassieve area, but will serve the basis for the new brand to be created by ORMÆVINÆ.