Carton of 4 (four) bottles of ELLEIVÆ Biologico Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). 2 litres of oil: 4 x 0,5 litres. IGP Toscano. 100% Biologic. Harvest 2018. Produced in Pontassieve Region, Florence, Tuscany, Italy. Price per bottle 29 euro. Shipment included (see Shipment Terms). 

2019 ELLEIVÆ Biologico EVOO. 1 (one) carton of 4 bottles (0.5l). IGP Tos

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€87.00Sale Price
  • Shipment costs are generally incuded in the quited price. The only exception is made with respect to distant countries (e.g. Australia, New Zealand and some other countries) for shipment to which we charge Delivery Surcharge of 16 euros for each 4 cartons (16 bottles).  Delivery time varies from approximately 4 to 20 days depending on the destination. NO DELIVERY TO USA AND RUSSIA: PLEASE CONTACT OUR DEALERS.

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